Why Linux is Better Than Windows 10 in 2019

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He-Hello? Ah, yes, it's working. So have you wondered if Linux is better than Windows 10? Here's 10 reasons why Linux is a much better operating system in 2019 compared against Microsoft Windows 10. Welcome, to linux vs windows

Microsoft and Windows 10 forced updates are one of the main reasons Winders are migrating to Linux, and why Linuxers keep Linuxing. Linux Mint, Arch, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, are all Linux distros. And all of these Linux distros are better than Windows 10.

Linux gaming has improved significantly with the rise of Steam's Proton, and the Vulkan graphics API. Linux in general continues to improve and develop over the years, while Windows 10 seems to be... degrading. Windows 10 sucks. Answering the question of is Linux better than Windows 10. Also, is Linux faster than Windows? Is Linux good for gaming?

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