The Best Board Games of August 2019

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Learn about the best new board games I played this month.
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1. Overbooked - https://geni.us/overbooked
2. Pandemic: Rapid Response - https://geni.us/rapidresponse
3. Guardian's Call - https://geni.us/guardianscall
4. Atelier: The Painter's Studio - https://geni.us/atelierpaintersstudio
5. 20 Second Showdown - https://geni.us/20secondshowdown
6: Red Peak - https://geni.us/redpeak

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Thank you for watching! And thank you for all your comments, I love making videos for you all!

If you're new to Actualol, my name is Jon Purkis. My two passions are writing comedy and playing board games, so I decided to combine the two in this YouTube channel.

I make all my videos on my own, in my flat in London, UK, with the help of a diverse selection of wigs.

My favourite videos:

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