Best drawing program for the Surface Go? Definitive Artists Answer - 2019

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Much faster than Photoshop and excellent at color blending. This is hands down the best drawing program for the Surface Go in 2019. It uses the new Microsoft touch api so it supports SPT (simultaneous pen and touch) making it a perfect solution for tablet users using Tablet Pro's Artist Pad. You will love the beta version of Paint Tool Sai V2. It is unbelievably fast and only about a 2.5 mb file.

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to download the v2 of Paint Tool Sai click here.
Please support this developer, he is a one man team and his software gets pirated all the time. Please purchase and support his work. This is in my opinion the BEST drawing program on the planet and I really want it to stay supported and continue development!

Install guide and download link for Tablet Pro - touch keyboard shortcuts

to display keypress information use KeyPress OSD

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